Marathon Reading

The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You

Stanford’s epic 15,280 line poem, originally published in 1977 by Mill Mountain in conjunction with Lost Roads & subsequently published by Lost Roads

The reading will begin at 8 pm sharp and continue uninterrupted until the final word is read. Each participant will read four pages and hand off without introduction to the next participant. Invited participants may request time slots to read a passage to be determined or may sign up the day of the event. Festival attendees who wish to read are welcome to sign up at the event, but we will not reserve spots, due to a high volume of interest. We anticipate that everyone who wants to read will have the opportunity.

Once the reading begins, we ask that attendees remain silent. A break room with refreshments will provide a place for quiet conversation. To avoid confusion, the reading room will have a board listing the order of upcoming readers, and we’ll have a working master list in the reading room for those wishing to sign up. As the number of attendees dwindles, we may ask readers to read longer passages, via announcements on the reading room board. Participants may also be welcomed to read additional passages when the need arises. We are determined to read continuously, without interruption or outside noise, through the evening at a steady but loving pace.

While our venue may allow alcoholic beverages, excessive drinking and rowdy or otherwise disruptive behavior will be grounds for expulsion from the event. We expect no such problems will arise but will have appropriate measures in place to deal with such nonsense.

To our knowledge, only two marathon readings of The Battlefield Where the Moon Say I Love You have ever been held (at Brown University and The Bowery Poetry Club). We anticipate that the first ever such reading held in Fayetteville will conclude the festival epically.

Saturday, October 18 - Sunday, October 18, 7 pm - 7 am
Metro District Meeting Room
509 West Spring Street
$5-10 suggested donation

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